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Screen Imaging Goniophotometer BTC 2000

Super fast goniophotometric measurement of light sources


SSL BTC 2000 combines screen imaging with a goniophotometer for fast wide angle beam pattern measurement of light sources.  

Measurements according to various standards like


can be made significantly faster than with a goniophotometer. The typical measurement times are 5 minutes for H+/-50,V+/-15 degrees or 29 minutes for H+/-90, V+/-90. BTC 2000 produces comparable results to turning goniophotometers with an accuracy of +/-4%. The dynamic measurement range is from 0.3 cd up to 70 000 000 cd.

Measurement parameters:

  • Luminous intensity in Zone, Group, Line, Single test points
  • Cutoff 
  • Color and stability
  • Beam pattern
  • Axial luminous intensity
  • Maximum luminous intensity 
  • Beam distance 
  • Isolux curves on the road surface and vertical plane
  • Isolux curves on the horizontal level at luminaire height
  • Partial luminous flux and efficacy
  • ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 test routines to measure
  • beam distance
  • maximum beam intensity
  • runtime of photometric performance of flash lights.


  • Input power measurement
  • Spatial color parameters
  • Far-field photometer add-on

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