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High Resolution spectrometers

Photometric Testing Efficiency

Spectrometers for different applications from UV to IR

Extensive range of spectrometers manufactured by Spectral Products Inc. from USA. The data readout of spectrometers are reached through USB2.0. The each spectrometer type can be tailored regarding the optical resolution and the wavelength measuring window.

  • UV, VIS, NIR range: SM245, SM303, SM445, SM642
  • IR range: SM241, SM301, SM304
  • The wavelength range: 200- 1050nm (UV, VIS, NIR), 900 - 5 000 nm (IR)
  • Options:
  • Spectral irradiance responsivity calibration
  • Optical fibre
  • Custom software development
  • Can be connected to SSL goniophotometer and integrating sphere systems
Code Type WL range (nm) Auto Shutter Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)
SM241 Low-cost
     Infrared Spectrometer
900-1650 0.7 121x121x54
SM245 Low-noise compact
     CCD spectrometer
200-1050 0.4 90x70x44
SM301 PbS / PbSe NIR/MIR
1000-5000 2.5 173x120x98
SM303 High performance
     TE-cooled backthinned
200-1100 x 2 173x120x80
SM303-HRS High-resolution
     TE-cooled backthinned
200-1100 x 3.7 235x177x96
SM304 Near Infrared spectrometer 900-2500 x 2 173x120x75
SM445 High Speed, High-resolution   
200-1050 0.4 90x70x44
SM540 High-resolution
0.2 178x172x77
SM642 Low-noise non TE-cooled
     Backthinned spectrometer
200-1050 x 1.2

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