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Product Development Services

Optical Design, Simulations, Consultation


We offer product development and research services to the development of LED lights and other optic solutions. We do design and research projects, provide consulting services, and give training sessions as needed.

We have designed plastic and metal reflector optics as well as plastic and glass lenses. Optical design projects are delivered with 3D files or, if necessary, proto parts can be provided via our manufacturing subcontracting companies.

We can also simulate existing plans. The output data may be either a 3D file or a rough draft. We use commercial Zemax software as well as self-developed and well-proven analytical software.

In addition to optic design, we also design a LED module designing, LED selection and placement from an optic perspective. The heat management of LEDs is taken into account in circuit board design.

Simulation tools developed by SSL Resource Ltd includes:

  • LED Color mixing software for the management of LED color bins and spectral distributions
  • Calculation tool of the LED datasheets for comparing LEDs

For reguest for quotation, please contact us, and describe your possible expectations of desired materials, optics technologies, light sources, manufacturing technologies and application.

Optical design and simulation from Finland.