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Photometric Testing Efficiency

Advanced Goniometer Family C-1R

The goniometer models under the C-1R family consist of the integrated electrical rack into one unit. The C-1R goniometers have several advantages:


  • Compact and stable setup with integration of a goniometer and device rack
  • Equipped by castors: Easy to transport
  • Opportunity to integrate the programmable DC power supply for the goniometer station and for the GPM gonio software

Four goniometer models:

  • C-1R.900, for luminaires of up to 0.9m and 6kg 
  • C-1R.1200, for luminaires of up to 1.3m and 20kg 
  • C-1R.1600, for luminaires of up to 1.75m and 25kg
  • C-1R.2000, for luminaires of up to 2.1m and 30kg

The C-1R goniometer models can be equipped by the motorized sample holder for a faster sample mounting and by the motorized vertical arm for automating the photometric center positioning (C-1R.xxxx.4A). B type goniophotometer configuration (C-1R.xxxx.B) is possible for measuring automotive headlamps with the same goniometer using B type extension. Below a few combined models are shown.

Goniocolorimeter SSL C-1R.900

For panel lights and down lights

Floor mounted goniometer station C-1R.900 is suitable for measuring spatial light distributions of medium sized and light-weight LED luminaires such as down lights up to 6kg and LED panels up to 60x60cm size. The goniometer is equipped by colorimeter and makes possible fast simultaneous measurements of the spatial luminous intensity and angular color distribution.


  • More stable turning makes possible faster measurements
  • Easy-to-use sample holders for panel lights, down lights and LED modules

B and C type Goniophotometer SSL C-1R.1200.B

New Goniophotometer SSL C-1R.1200.B is designed for automotive headlamps and general lighting fixtures less than 1.2m long.


  • Spatial light distribution measurement of long automotive headlamps
  • Easy to change the measurement mode between C and B type photometry
  • Custom measurement angles
  • Simulations of isolux figures from headlamps at different orientations, and tilt angles.

4-axis Goniophotometer C-1R.1600.4A

4-axis Goniophotometer for measuring luminaires less than 1.75m and 25kg. 

  • Automatic photometric center positioning by the motorized vertical arm axis
  • Easier and faster sample mounting by the motorized sample holder
  • Please, see the video below

Large Goniometer Station SSL C-1R.2000

For long and heavy lighting fixtures

SSL C-1R.2000 Goniophotometer determines the angular dependent optical radiation parameters of up to very long and heavy LED lighting fixtures. Despite the large goniometer size, the measurements can be carried out in a standard room height.

No need for integrating sphere, the SSL G-2000R can measure all needed parameters and more reliably than integrating sphere. We also avoid producing the geometric related errors that are present in case of integrating sphere setups.

Features and accessories: 

  • Burning position corrector setup (BPC)
  • Absolute lumen integrator (ALI)
  • Sample holders available for panel lights, down lights, linear lights, park lights, street lights etc.

CIE S025 compliance regarding the burning position

The luminous output of some luminaires (e.g. heat pipe LED luminaires, fluorescent lamps etc.) depends on the position of burning relative to the vertical plane. In order to achieve reliable results, one needs to make the whole measurement or at least measure a reference value in the nominal burning position. The CIE S025 standard requires the photometric measurements to be made in the nominal burning position of the luminaire.

Burning position corrector SSL-BPC and Absolute lumen integrator SSL-ALI are accessories to be attached to an existing goniometer of the gonio family C-1 or C-1R, whereas SSL C-2R.270 is a compact goniophotometer with a moving detector that measures the photometric parameters directly in the correct burning position. 

Burning Position Corrector SSL-BPC

Burning position corrector SSL-BPC is an accessory attached to the rotator. The luminaire is pointing to the detector, which sees the luminaire from the same direction while varying the burning position. Thus the effect of burning position is measured and can be used in correcting the results.

The BPC can be attached to a B type goniometer. During the normal measurement the detector is turned away and it will not affect the measurement. 

Absolute Lumen Integrator SSL-ALI

Absolute lumen integrator is an extension to a C-type goniometer setup. The luminaire is attached in its nominal position, and the detector moved. In ALI model 1 the luminaire is rotated around its optical axis, and the detector perpendicular to it. in ALI model 2 the luminaire is attached to a separate stand, and the detector is rotated around it in two axis. Both ALI models are suitable for measuring decorative luminaires that have moving parts, e.g. crystal chandelier.

Goniometers designed and manufactured in Finland