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The goniometer models under the gonio family C-1 consist of the basic goniometer and separate rack for electrical equipment. Different size goniometers are available for medium-to-large range lighting fixtures. The goniometers are shown below as an example of our goniometers. If you do not find suitable goniometer, please send your specification, and we will send our proposal of the solution.


  • No over-engineering. 
  • Low-cost setup for access of LDT and IES measurement of most of general lighting fixtures.
  • Separate electrical device rack for straightforward connection of portable goniometer station. 
  • Easy-to-use sample holders for linear lights, panel lights, down lights, street lights
  • Possibility to customize the goniometer size.
  • Light-weight / portable configuration

SSL C-1.30

  • for small LED modules, flash lights
  • Maximum size of luminaire: 3 kg, 30 cm (length), 30 cm (depth)
  • Installation on table
  • Size of goniometer: 60 cm, 60 cm, 52 cm, 8kg 
  • B type configuration as an option

SSL C-1.6-70-20 

  • LED panel lights, Down Lights and other medium sized LED luminaires  

  • Maximum size of luminaire: 6 kg, 70 cm (length), 20 cm (depth)
  • Installation on table 
  • Size of goniometer: 80 cm, 60 cm, 60 cm, 25kg 

SSL C-1.10-150-25 

  • Linear lighting fixtures and medium-large
  • Maximum size of luminaire: 10 kg, 150 cm (length), 25 cm (depth)
  • Installation on floor 
  • Size of goniometer:  1.3m, 1m, 1m, 70kg

 SSL C-1.16-100-40 

  • Heavy street lights / Large flood lights 
  •  Maximum size of luminaire: 16 kg, 130 cm (length), 40 cm (depth)  
  •  Installation on floor
  • Size of goniometer: 1.2m, 1.0m, 1.0m, 80kg

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