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Photometric Testing Solutions


Remote control for Goniometer station

Android based remote control for more efficient use of goniometers. This speed up the gonio installation and the mounting of luminaires.  

Power and thermal equipment

We provide thermometers, and power meters as well as AC and DC sources with hw/sw integration to the gonio/sphere. 

Thermo, Temperature monitor integration

  • Get ambient temperature measured in goniophotometer tests.
  • 3-channel thermocouple thermometer measures also the LED board or Tc point measurements.

Sample holders - For easy and fast sample mounting

Appropriately designed holder for the lamp/luminaire will make your gonio installation quicker and you will receive more reliable measurement results. 

  • Holding the luminaire-under-test steady on its position is vital for making a credible measurement.
  • A well designed and adequate holder makes the assembly quicker thus saving time

We have sample holders for different types of luminaires:

  • SSL SH-linear, sample holder for linear luminaires
  • SSL SH-upwards, for luminaires with remarkable up-wards emission
  • SSL SH-park, for park lights
  • SSL SH-panel, for panel lights and down lights
  • SSL SH-down-light, holder of recessed down lights
  • SSL SH-street, holder for street luminaires with pole mounting system
  • SSL SH-lin-2, for e.g linear and panel - check the pics below
  • SSL SH-lin-3, for e.g linear and panel - check the pics below

Mounting of a luminaire in a few seconds by 2-handed sample holder . 

SH-lin-3 for LUMI 90
SH-lin-3 for LUMI 90
SH-lin-2 for LUMI 180
SH-lin-2 for LUMI 180


SSL-Rack, Portable small 19" rack unit for gonio controller and power meter for easier arrangement of electrical devices

SSL-PC, Measurement computer with needed communication cards and installation work (drivers and software)

SSL-Black, Special low reflectance black material for a back walls and floor

Goniophotometers designed and manufactured in Finland