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SSL LightTester 100/160/280

Turn-key Testing System for Quality Control in Production Lines of Luminaires


LightTester 100, LightTester 160 and LightTester 280 (maximum size of luminaire 100cm, 160cm or 280cm, respectively) are test stations for quality control of luminaires during production. The verification of most important photometric values (such as lumens, CCT etc.) and electrical safety has been integrated into one single test unit.  The testing sequence time is even < 10 seconds, so the LightTesters are suitable for 100% testing scheme. The LightTester 100/160/280 is delivered as a ready-made package, including everything you need, such as a test station table, test computer with software and measuring equipment, sticker printer, dimmer...

In the test software, the measured values ​​are stored in a database. In the test software it is possible to give fail-pass criteria for each luminaire type and for each measurement parameter.

The LightTester 100/160/280  can be configured to be integrated as a part of the production assembly line or they can be stand-alone testing setup.


  • Easy to install: Test table is equipped by castors with adjustable foots.
  • Compact  setup including also computer and keyboard holders and 19" rack integration for equipment
  • Adjustable mounting angle brackets for repeatable mounting of different types of luminaires

Pass / Fail Measurement for following parameters

  • Luminous flux (via golden samples)
  • Color temperature & MacAdam ellipse
  • Safety test: Insulation resistance, Ground bond
  • Optional: Flicker index & Flicker percent, AC / DC Hipot, SDCM, Color rendering, Effective Wavelength, spectral radiant flux, PAR values, Luminance, electrical power voltage and current

Standard package includes

  • Test table with mounting angles for samples, device rack, computer display holder, keyboard holder
  • SPEKTRI 80
  • Test software
  • 4 in 1 Electrical safety compliance analyzer
  • SSL PS.1U-LT  Power switch 
  • Optional: Flicker meter, DC/AC power supply, Luminance camera, Type Label printer

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