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SSL FAS 21 Flicker Analyzing System

Flicker measurement of light sources are required by Ecodesign regulation after 1.9.2021

SOLUTIONS / flicker-analyzing-system

SSL FAS 21 Flicker Analyzing System

  • dedicated and cost effective setup for flicker analysis of luminaires
  • optional fully integrated network voltage fluctuation module


  • measurements available: Percent flicker, Flicker index, Flicker frequency, SVM and PstLM 
  • fail / pass check
  • automated reporting
  • statistics of several consecutive flicker measurements
  • averaging for noisy illuminance signal

Flicker photometer or colorimeter 

  • select the one that fits your application (see the link below)
  • choice of measurement ranges from 0.003 lx to 10 000 000 lx
  • USB or RS-232
  • linearity better than 0.1%

Additional options

  • simulation of the input voltage fluctuation as described in IEC TR 61547-1 
  • SSL stand & SSL stray light tube for reducing the effect of surrounding light
  • effective intensity measurement

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