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Photometric Testing Efficiency


Integrating Hemisphere Spectrometer Testing Systems

  • Reproducible hemispherical light output measurements with our unique baffle-free integrating hemisphere
  • Total luminous flux / total spectral radiant flux (2pi)
  • Correlated color temperature
  • Color coordinates xy CIE 1931 and u'v' CVIE 1976
  • Color rendering index CRI and TM30-18
  • MacAdam ellipse
  • Effective Wavelength, Peak wavelengths, Wavelength bandwidths
  • Option: Flicker parameters, Electrical parameters
  • Test software includes the calibration routines for substition correction factor of the sample and the spectral throughput of the hemisphere.
  • Different sizes of integrating hemispheres available: 15cm, 50cm, 100cm, 150cm, 175cm
  • Set includes
  • USB controllable aux-lamp
  • Spectroradiometer SPEKTRI 80 or S-800
  • Sample port

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