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Tristimulus Colorimeter C-400

SSL Resource - Photometric Testing Efficiency

SSL C-400 Colorimeter is a quick and reliable measurement instrument. C-400 is used as a standard photometer in the small-to-medium size SSL goniophotometer testing systems and LightTester.

With the LabVIEW drivers, you can build your own test software.


  • 3-channel tristimulus colorimeter
  • Measurement quantities: Illuminance Ev (lx), Correlated Color temperature CCT (K), color coordinates CIE1931 xy, CIE1960 uv, CIE1976 u'v'
  • 4 measuring ranges in decades
  • Self-color correction algorithm for xy, CCT and Ev based on initial integrated XYZ values
  • Measurement range: 0.3 - 10 000 / 3 - 100 000 lx
  • USB powered (drivers installed automatically in Win 8 and newer versions)
  • Measuring head CH-400, Spectral match <6% to CIE 1931 color matching functions x,y,z for each channel
  • LabVIEW drivers / Standalone test software (.exe)
  • Options: temperature 

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