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Photometric Testing Solutions


Traceable Calibrations for Photometers, Luxmeters, Spectrometers and Luminance meters

The long motorized optical rail and large range of standard light sources enables versatile calibration services for luxmeters, photometers, spectrometers with a calibrated, precision photometer / spectroradiometer. The calibrations are traceable to SI.

Measurement conditions with the radiation spectrum of the light source:
  • Illuminance Level: 1 - 30 000 lx
  • Wavelength range 320 - 900 nm
  • LED-lamp 3000 K - 6000 K, Ra = 70-85
  • halogen lamp, adjustable to Illuminant A  (CCT = 2856 K)

Other traceable measurements are also possible, ask for more information!

Motorized optical rail
Motorized optical rail

Information about our traceability

Our devices are traceably calibrated in the National Metrology Institute of Finland MIKES or National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST (USA).

Traceable calibrations from Finland.