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C type Moving Detector Goniophotometer SSL DECO 27

SSL DECO 27 (previously named by SSL C-2R.270) is a floor mount goniometer of type 2.1 (EN13032-1:2004 clause with the turning detector (γ axis) and luminaire (C axis) features. SSL DECO 27 moving detector goniophotometer completely meets the requirements of unchanged burning positions stated in IES LM79-08 Clause 9.3.1.

Moving detector goniophotometer
Moving detector goniophotometer


  • Spatial light distribution measurement of lighting fixtures in any burning position
  • Meets the requirements of the unchanged burning position stated in CIE S025, LM-79-08.
  • Enables measuring photometric features of decorative lighting fixtures with movable parts.
  • Compact setup saves even 80% room footprint size than other moving detector C type goniometers on the market.
  • No separate lamp holder stand needed.


  • Height, Width, Depth of the goniometer station: 160 cm, 118 cm, 60 cm
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • C type moving detector with vertical optical axis, CIE type 2.1
  • Angular range (γ and C axes): ±180°
  • Max dimension of the luminaire: 30 cm (diameter), 30 cm (depth), 6 kg
  • Minimum space for installation: 2.7 m x 0.8 m (floor ), 2.7 m (height)
  • Measurement distance between lamp and photometer: 1.3 m
  • Detector: colorimeter SSL-C400 with stray light tube

Goniophotometers designed and manufactured in Finland