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Testing Services for Signal Lights

Train lights, Variable Message signs, Automotive Lights, Airfield Lights


Standard-based signal measurements

We can test various signaling devices for their compliance of required certificates. The calibration/measurement reports are traceable to the National Metrology Institute of Finland, Germany and USA (MIKES, PTB and NIST).

Here below you can see some examples of measurement standards we have measured. If you do not find the standard you are looking for, please send us a request. We'll find out if we can provide test services for your products as well. 

Optical Tests of Variable Message Traffic Signs (VMS)

With our goniometer type B connected to class L photometer and spectrometer, we can measure all the parameters of the VMS products according to EN 12966-1 standard including 

Variable Speed Limit
Variable Speed Limit
  • Luminance
  • Luminance Ratio
  • Beam Width
  • Uniformity
  • Color Class

Our external light source produces all required illuminance levels 4 - 40 000 lx in both illumination angles of 5 and 10 degrees. For very large samples (depends on the off-axis dimensions and weight), we use a goniometer of type C.

Measurement of Vehicle lights

  • ECE R 7 Front and rear position lamps, stop-lamps and end-outline marker lamps 
  • ECE R 23 Reversing lamps
  • ECE R 112 Headlamps emitting an asymmetrical passing beam and a driving beam

Measurement of Signaling and Warning Lights

The standard ECE R 65 requires the measurements of the beam width and the pulse form factors of signaling and warning lights. With our goniometer and flicker meter SSL L-200 we can measure them both thus verifying the accordance of the light source to the standard.

Signal light measurement for trains

Train signal lights such as headlamps, marker and tail lamps are measured according to standard EN 15153-1: 2013. It requires that the angular distribution of the luminous intensity must be within certain limits, as well as the color coordinate areas for the light color. We test these with our C-type goniospectrophotometer.

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Measurement facilities are traceable to the Finnish and US National Metrology Institutes MIKES and NIST.

Reliable and standard-based photometric measurements from Finland.