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Photometer SSL L-200

SSL L-200 Photometer is laboratory grade photometer. It is a good choice for illuminance measuring application in wide dynamic range. Suitable e.g. for retroreflection or spatial light distribution measurements where low light levels are measured.


  • Broadband photometer with CIE 1924 photopic sensitivity spectral response
  • Measurement quantities: Illuminance Ev (lx), Optical flicker frequency (Hz), Flicker index, Percent flicker (%), Duty cycle (%), EV,MEAN, EV-max, EV-min, FFT analysis
  • 12 measuring ranges
  • Measurement range:
  • 0.9 mlx - 600 klx (measuring head LH1010)
  • 3 mlx - 1.5 Mlx (measuring head LH66)
  • 20 mlx - 10 Mlx (measuring head LH33)
  • Display: character LCD 2x16
  • RS232 bus
  • Power supply: 230V 50Hz
  • Options Measuring head: LH-33, LH-66, and LH1010 (Spectral match <3% to CIE 1924 V(λ) function)
  • Options: temperature sensor, Luminance head (different field of view options in the range of 1.4°-16°)

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