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Photobiological safety

UV, near UV, blue light, IR

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We can determine risk group classification for the following hazards with our photobiological safety setup:

(200-400) nm: Actinic UV hazard for the skin and eye 
(315-400) nm: Near-UV hazard for the eye
(300-700) nm: Retinal blue light hazard for the eye 
(380-1400) nm: Retinal thermal hazard for the eye
(780-3000) nm: Infrared radiation hazard for the eye
(380-3000) nm: Thermal hazard for the skin 

Note 1. Our present measurement range is 250 nm - 1050 nm

The brightness of the luminaire can vary over the luminous area. When Determining the photobiological safety of a luminaire the spot of maximum signal has to be located for measurement. At SSL this is done by scanning the entire luminous area for finding the maximum signal.

The measurements follow the standards EN/IEC 62471, EN/IEC 14255 and the technical report IEC TR 62778 giving more detailed instructions for measuring the Blue Light Hazard. We offer standard-based and accurate reports in needed format quickly and easily.

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