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Photometric Testing Solutions


Photometric Services for General Lighting Fixtures

We measure with our goniophotometers the angular light distributions of luminaires and provide the data in a standardized file format (EULUMDAT or IES) for using with Dialux or Relux. We can also analyse the results for different parameters in a separate report.

Maximum dimensions of luminaires are 50 kg and 2.9 m.

Our services according to following measurement specifications:

  • EN 13032-1 Measurement of photometric data of lamps and luminaires
  • LM-79-08 Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products
Luminous Intensity Distribution
Luminous Intensity Distribution
Standard measurement service contains  
  • EULUMDAT file (or IES if necessary)  
  • Short report (PDF/html)
  • Luminous intensity distribution (cd, cd klm¯¹)
  • Luminous flux (lm) / Light output ratio (%)
  • Downwards flux fraction, DWFF (%)
  • Input power (W)
  • Beam angle table (BA50, BA10)

Optional parameters:

  • Energy efficiency index, EEI
  • Luminance (cd m¯²)
  • Stabilizing curve
  • Optical flicker frequency, Flicker index, Percent flicker
  • Efficiency of LED driver

Report for indoor luminaire

  • Standard report
  • Glare index UGR
  • Cone diagram (six customizable distances)
  • Floor illuminance (multicolor plot, grayscale, contour plot)
  • CU, CCEC ja WEC tables

Report for outdoor luminaire

  • Standard report
  • Floor illuminance (multicolor plot, grayscale, contour plot)
  • Simulation for street light category
  • Lognitudinal isolux figures at horizontal/ vertical planes (four customizable lux levels)

Spectral measurement report 

  • Optical power (W), Wall-plug efficiency (%), Spectral efficiency of radiation LER (lm W¯¹)
  • Color coordinates (xy, u'v'), Correlated color temperature CCT, Color rendering index CRI/ Color quality scale CQS (Ra, R1-14) vs. angle and effective values
  • MacAdam ellipse / SDCM

Optional parameters

  • Spectral Radiance (W sr¯¹ m¯² nm¯¹)
  • Spectral Irradiance (W m¯² nm¯¹)
  • Photosynthetically active radiation, PAR / PPFD / PPF

Our measurement facilities are traceable to the Finnish and US National Metrology Institutes MIKES and NIST. 

Traceable light measurements and calibrations from Finland.