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SSL Resource

Photometric Testing Solutions

Goniophotometers designed, manufactured and calibrated in Finland

SSL Resource Ltd is a Finnish family enterprise in the field of light measurement technology. 

We offer independent and confidential special light measurement services for testing luminaires and optical materials, and for calibrating light meters and sources.

SSL Resource Ltd is also an equipment manufacturer. We design, manufacture and sell light measurement meters and systems, e.g. goniometers, flicker meter, spectroradiometers and integrating spheres.

Our photometer laboratory is an efficient external resource. We do photometric measurements for luminaires, optical materials, signal light sources, etc. We are fast: Measurements of the spatial luminous intensity (LDT/IES) and color distribution of lighting fixtures and LED modules even with 24h Express Service. 

Our spectrophotometric solutions are designed to fit even your most demanding need. Our devices and overall testing systems are tested in our own lab before delivery to customer site. The accuracy of the SSL testing systems has been verified in IEA 4E SSL Annex's Interlaboratory Comparison program.

Project for developing testing and measuring solutions for product lines, R&D and field measurements of LED lights

European Regional Development Fund

SSL Resource Ldt. has granted funding from European Regional Development Fund for a project where the new testing and measurement solutions is developed for the quality control and R&D of LED lights.


Flicker sw is now SSL LTA. 

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NEW GONIO FEATURE: Automated luminous area and UGR measurements

SSL LUMI goniophotometer models contain the camera and motorized vertical arm of luminaire axis. This makes possible automated luminous area measurement for a more accurate UGR classification.

No manual luminous area, and luminaire orientation determination anymore!

New spectrometer for mobile light measuring in the field

SPEKTRI 80 - new unique, high quality, light field meter for different lighting applications compatible with Android. It is universal meter including five different measurement modules and also available in customized variations. With this professional meter is easy and fast verify LED luminaire quality and check important parameters.

Goniometers for different light measuring needs

There are many different goniometers designed and manufactured by SSL Resource. Here you can see a video about our small and quick goniometer for e.g. flashlights. By watching the video in the left you are able to meet our heavy-duty gonio designed for e.g. street lights and other heavy luminaires.

Goniophotometers designed and manufactured in Finland