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Photometric Measurements of Optical Materials

Retroreflectance, BSDF


We offer standard-based and accurate reports in needed format quickly and easily. In our large goniophotometer measurement rail, the coefficient of luminous intensity of retroreflectors can be measured according to  with connected setup of our Goniometer type B and retro light source-detector system. The setup involves both LED and Xenon light sources to illuminate the test reflector, and both photometer class L and colorimeter class A. To reach sufficient distance of 30 meters we use a mirror to reach it.

We can measure following parameters with our retroreflectance setup:

  • Coefficient of the luminous intensity (cd klx¯¹)
  • Coefficient of retroreflection (cd lx¯¹ m¯²)
  • Retroreflected color

The measurements follow the standasds CIE 054.2-2001 and SFS 5908.

BSDF Goniometer
BSDF Goniometer
Reflectance Measurement Setup
Reflectance Measurement Setup

Reflectance and Transmittance Measurements of Optical Materials and Components

We offer a variety of photometric measurement services for lighting components and materials. This measurement service is needed e.g. in the selection of printed circuit board (PCB) coatings and optical materials, as well as for the efficiency measurement of optics components. The measurements are performed using the integrating sphere testing system and BRDF goniometer.

For example, we measure the following parameters: 

  • Effective optics efficiency (lens, reflector, diffuser)
  • Effective photometric reflection coefficient (PCB, reflector)
  • Spectral Transmittance, reflectance, diffusivity
  • Bi-directional reflectance/transmittance factor BRDF/BTDF

All our measurement equipment has been verified by reference measurements in the measurement standard laboratories in Finland and the Netherlands. 

BSDF Goniometer
BSDF Goniometer

Traceable light measurements and calibrations from Finland.