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LightTester for quality control

- Fail/Pass results fast and reliably

Our LightTester measures the color and light output of the luminaires (illuminance, CCT and color coordinates) quickly and reliably for conforming quality of luminaires in their assembly lines. The tester consists of a colorimeter SSL C-400 and a stray light tube.

The tester can be used as (a) an independent light tester or (b) as part of a larger functional testing.

(a) A test software is supplied with an independent light tester. In the test application, light color measurement are stored in the database. In the application it is possible to give the fail-pass criteria for the measurement parameters.

(b) LabVIEW drivers will be easy to integrate with other testing environments.

SSL C-400 Colorimeter is good choice for product line tester as quick and reliable measurement instrument. With the LabVIEW drivers, it can be integrated to part of the overall product line test system. 


  • Arduino based tristimulus colorimeter
  • Measurement quantities: Illuminance Ev (lx), Correlated Color temperature CCT (K), color coordinates CIE1931 xy, CIE1960 uv, CIE1976 u'v'
  •  4 measuring ranges in decades
  • Self-color correction algorithm for xy, CCT and Ev based on initial integrated XYZ values
  • Measurement range: 0.3 - 10 000 lx
  • USB powered (drivers installed automatically in Win 8 and newer versions)
  • Measuring head CH-400, Spectral match <6% to CIE 1931 color matching functions x,y,z for each channel
  • LabVIEW drivers for light tester integration
  • Options: temperature sensor


The first light testers where delivered 2016 to a customer whose quality control has improved considerably with the help of the testers, so we have been pleased to continue delivering light testers for companies quality control.

We got what we wanted. There were some minor problems with the implementation to our system initially but when those were fixed, everything has worked well. We have benefit a lot of the light tester as we now can be sure to get the right values ​​and inputs measured. Overall, we are now able to track more monitoring results.

Jorma Martikainen

Product Development Manager

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The light tester for quality control measures the luminous intensity of the luminaires, the CCT and the color coordinates efficiently, either as an independent light tester or as part of a wider functional testing. You will reseive also fully help to install.

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