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Tailored Testing Solutions 

SSL Resource Ltd provides the product development and research services for light measurement facilities. We have participated in specific testing facility development projects where e.g. a new automatic testing facility has been developed or existing testing device has been repaired. Our test facility development projects are ranging from a high-precision measurement system in R&D laboratories up to high-speed automatic product line testers in manufacturing lines. 

HW expertise:

  • broadband radiometer (tristimulus colormeter or photometer) 
  • spectrometers.
  • goniometer, integrating sphere, 
  • imaging photocolorimeter or spot colormeter,
  • or combination of them
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, RS232

SW Expertise :

  • by combining our competence in photometry, optics and LabVIEW 
  • Automated motorized testing systems with integration of photometric analysis
  • Spectral calculations for special LED lighting product design
  • Color mixing simulation software for product design
  • Spatial light calculations with integration of the testing system

Want more efficiency to your production with an appropriate light measurement test system?

#1 Automatic Testing Device

We developed an automatic testing device for testing the light quality of a consumer product that is used in a mass product line in China. The project was conducted by SSL Resource and it contained three other subcontracting companies. We had the main role in following steps: definition of testing requirements, the optomechanical and radiometric design, selection of components, calibration of the facility and development of user guide.

When you have a need for an automatic testing device, we will find the best solution for you. Please, contact us!

#2 Spatial Color Calculator

We made a LabVIEW software where the spatial color distribution can be evaluated for multi-LED lighting fixture. The spatial uniformity and orientation angle of each LED is allowed to be varying.

Customer benefits:

  • Uniform spatial color distribution for a multi-LED product
  • No need for extra light measurements

Please, contact us and benefit.

Confidential cooperation on a client basis - a wide knowledge and practical experience of LED lighting and photometric testing since 2004

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