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Tristimulus Colorimeter C-600

SSL Resource - Photometric Testing Efficiency

SSL C-600 Colorimeter is laboratory grade colormeter. It is good choice for color measuring application in wide dynamic range. Optimal e.g. for spatial color distribution and retroreflection measurements where low light levels are measured. 

  • 3-channel tristimulus colorimeter
  • Measurement quantities: Illuminance Ev (lx), Correlated Color temperature CCT (K), color coordinates CIE1931 xy, CIE1960 uv, CIE1976 u'v', Optical flicker frequency (Hz), Flicker index, Percent flicker
  • 12 measuring ranges
  • Measurement range: 0.003 - 1 000 000 lx
  • Display: character LCD 2x16
  • RS232 bus
  • Power supply: 230V 50Hz
  • Measuring head CH-66-4, Spectral match <3% to CIE 1931 color matching functions XY and <3.5% for Z
  • Options: temperature sensor

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